Progressions Social Mixer Review!

Progressions held a social for young adults with autism on October 25, 2014 which was a huge success. We had just under 20 young adults attend for dancing, games, food and fun! There were a few intense games of Uno, dance instruction, just to name a few of the activities! In addition, we had a parent social where Dr. Eric Mitchell was a guest speaker. He spoke to parents about some of the unique issues that arise when having a young adult with autism. Some topics of conversation included employment, college and funding for programming. A special thank you to all the staff and parents who supported this event, and JMK Entertainment for donating a DJed mix and Del Rossi’s for providing a generous discount on the pizza.




-Getting acquainted at the mixer!


-Lots of great dance moves!



-Fun game of Uno!



-Dancing fun!


-The pizza from Del Rossi’s was delicious!


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